Bathmate Cleaning Kit


Bathmate Cleaning Kit

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One of the quality Bathmate accessories, the Bathmate Cleaning Kit with long handle, 2 sponges and 2 towels helps to keep your hydro pump clean, all kept discreet and in one place with Nylon bag.


Bathmate Cleaning Kit For Hydro Pumps.

To help keep your hydro pump in excellent condition, use the Bathmate Cleaning Kit after each use.
Avoid bacteria building up inside your hydro pump bellows by attaching one of the sponges to the handle, enabling you to reach every ‘nook and cranny’.
Towel dry using one of the two soft luxurious towels included and you’re ready to use your hydro pump again, with everything kept in a handy storage bag.
Using one of the high quality antibacterial toy cleaners is also recommended to make sure germs are kept at bay.
Just one of the quality Bathmate sex toy accessories to help you in your quest for a healthier and larger penis.
If you haven’t invested in any Bathmate accessories yet, there’s plenty of room in the bag to keep them all in one place, discreetly.

Features of the Bathmate Cleaning Kit:

  • Discreet black zip-up Nylon storage bag
  • Engineered handle to hold sponges
  • 2 sponges for cleaning bellows
  • 2 high quality Bathmate towels


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