The Original Womanizer 'Clit Sucker' Sex Toys for Women.

Womanizer 'Clit Sucker' Sex Toys for Women Australia

Launched in the United States of America in 2015, Womanizer's branded adult toys quickly become one of the biggest selling products thanks to its unique PleasureAir technology. Stimulating the Clitoris through touchless air pressure waves versus vibration, these products also help decreasing desensitisation. The Womanizer promises an entirely new, intimate experience that helps many women go from zero to over the edge in less than a minute, with 75% of women sampled achieving multiple orgasms within 2-3 minutes.

You may have heard of the 'clit sucker' vibrator – the sex toy for women that changed the industry when Womanizer launched their unique clit stimulator in 2013. These clitoral stimulating adult toys use a specially designed silicone stimulation head that slips over the Clitoris, creating an intensely pleasurable air-suction sensation that mimics oral sex, unlike any other vibrator designed to stimulate the Clitoris. Welcome you to the world of Womanizer. 

Brought to you by Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers range of sex toys for women, these clitoral vibrators represent the tried and tested way for women of all ages to experience intense orgasms!