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With a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, these anal toys have been designed for serious back door play! Unlike those used by women for vaginal use, the back-door range is generally slimmer in girth and feature a tapered head for more comfortable penetration. Smooth and contoured, these non vibrating dildos are often phallic shaped, popular with men and women to enjoy a variety of sensual sensations.

Many anal dildos are textured or ribbed to provide extra stimulation to the sensitive nerve endings around the entrance, but are great for internal massage of a man's prostate gland or woman's back vaginal wall. This high quality, hand picked collection of specially shaped dongs includes a variety of smaller dildos to suit curious beginners right through to larger dongs that provide seasoned players with the fullness they desire.

Explore back door delights and fulfil your deepest derriere fantasies with this wonderful selection of adult anal sex toys.

Tips On Using & Cleaning Anal Dildos

Whether male or female, beginners to using anal toys, those specifically designed for your derrière, need to know a few basic facts to get the best, most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.
First, lubrication is important. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't produce any secretions so to make inserting your dildos or dongs easy, apply one of the purpose made anal lubricants you can also buy from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers adult store online.

If your anal dildos are made using, or has a component of silicone, always use a water based lubricant. Silicone lubricants are fine to use with adult pleasure products made from rubber, plastics, stainless steel, glass or anything but silicone.
Look for one that is thick, more gel like because it will not be absorbed through your skin as quick, reducing or eliminating the need to reapply during sessions lasting longer than a few minutes.

Pain and discomfort are the main adverse comments made by newbies to using anal dildos. Starting small and using one of the quality, specifically manufactured anal lubricants will be a great start before embarking on some of the much larger versions.
Start slow and if you do find anything uncomfortable, apply more lube or use one of the specially formulated desensitizing gels which also helps to eliminate discomfort with larger or faster back door action.
There's Tush Eze aimed at women and for the men there's Anal Eze Gel. Both products will help make the experience more enjoyable.

Before any form of back-door play, most experienced users will have a shower and use a douche to clean themselves out, avoiding any embarrassing mess to clean up afterwards.
There are many anal douches and enemas online to choose from, they're quite cheap to buy and worth every cent.

Before you start applying lubes, knowing where these anal dildos and dongs are placed, hygiene is important to prevent the spread of bacteria.
Apply one of the antibacterial sex toy cleaners that don't contain alcohol you'll also find for sale online. Do not use hand sanitisers that contain alcohol, unless the product is made from stainless steel or glass. Now you're ready to play!

Once you're finished placing your anal pleasure toy on a PlayTray is a great way of avoiding a mess and spreading bacteria. Cleaning your anal dildos is easy, simply wash them with warm, soapy water before applying your antibacterial sex toy cleaner again. Dry (air drying is best) then store away in a dark, dust free, dry place ready for the next time you'd like to play with your favourite anal toy.

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