Buyer’s Guide To Sex Machines

Buyer's Guide To Sex Machines

Buyer’s Guide To Sex Machines

Sex Machines Explained.

Whether you like it soft and sensual or hard and fast, there are a range of sex machines designed to offer the simulated sex experience you desire. With a knack for providing women, men and couples with the opportunity to fulfill their deepest fantasies and experience amazing orgasms, love machines are fast becoming an integral part of many mainstream bedrooms. Fucking machines can be enjoyed by men, women and couples of any sexual orientation, with a variety of functions that include thrusting, vibrating and shaking movements to enhance the sex simulation experience.

Originally designed to replicate the sensation of intercourse without the need for manual input, the technology and power of today’s fucking machines offer stimulating and pleasurable sensations above and beyond what you could imagine.

Investing in your first love machine can be a daunting task, so this buyer’s guide describes the major types of fucking machines you can purchase discreetly online, including their functions, suggested uses and what things to look out for when you are buying sex machines online.

From portable machines and plug in versions through to sex furniture, men, women and couples are sure to find a love machine that brings their deepest fantasies to fruition! Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of sex machines Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online and have delivered discreetly to their door anywhere in Australia. Note too, orders over $200 receive FREE SHIPPING!

Portable Sex Machines

Often featuring their own inbuilt storage system and carry handle, portable love machines are great if you desire easy and discreet transportation. Another benefit of these fucking machines is that they are easy to store inconspicuously in the closet or under the bed. While they may not offer as many angles or functions as some of the plug in love machines, portable sex machines definitely give you an amazing ‘bang’ for your buck! Most portable fucking machines will provide up to 300 thrusts per minute along with a remote control that allows you to change the pace as you please. If you’re not quite ready for a large machine, thrusting vibrators such as the MiaMaxx thrusting vibrator mimic the thrusting movement you feel while making love.

Popular Portable Sex Machines

Plug In Sex Machines

Any love machine that plugs into mains power is going to pack a punch. Of all the machines available on the market, the plug in versions are popular among those who desire staying power and wish to experience fulfilling sex simulation on a regular basis. Offering continuous and unrelenting thrusting power, these fucking machines will keep going on your command, until you feel entirely well fucked and fulfilled. Some plug in sex machines feature a sturdy free standing base that allows an array of different angles for penetration. Others have a base that slides under your mattress to allow for a comfortable bedtime romp.

Popular Plug In Sex Machines

Sex Furniture

By incorporating sex machines into furniture, women and men can enjoy the sensual bump and grind that would usually require a partner. Sometimes inspired by sensual sexual positions, sex furniture allows singles and couples to act out their fantasies, whether alone or with another lover. Often inspiring the user to rock their body in a natural love making motion, sex furniture can be a great way to spice up a solo pleasure session or even act out a threesome fantasy with a lover.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sex Machine.

Once you have chosen the type of machine that is right for you, it’s important to understand exactly what the specifications of each machine means.


RPM (Rotations Per Minute) refers to how many times per minute the flywheel turns. At the beginning of each turn, the dildo thrusts outwards and on the last half of the turn, the dildo pulls back in. This means that the RPM will be equivalent to the Thrusts Per Minute. Some machines offer one angle, while other machines offer up to 180 degrees of different penetration angles for you to enjoy.

Power Source

Some portable machines will operate using replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Most plug in machines will state that they run on 220-240V, which simply means that they are designed to operate via Australian wall adapters. Some sex machines require no power source – the thrusting action is created in response to natural body movement!

Trusted Brands

Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers only stock quality brands of love machines that suit a range of budgets. Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and parts and are made under hygienic conditions. For your peace of mind Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers provide a minimum 12 Month Replacement Warranty for any products purchased on our website that are found to be faulty.


Possibly one of the most luxurious auto-erotic sex toys available on the market, sex machines have previously attracted a premium price tag. While high quality products that are built to last will always command a higher price, the acceptance of fucking machines as a mainstream pleasure toy has resulted in these advanced ‘vibrators’ becoming more affordable for men, women and couples to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

Sex Machines Summary

Choosing the perfect sex machine may seem a little overwhelming at first if you are new to using sex toys. Hopefully all the tips above have helped you to work out which type of love machine might suit you best and what things to look out for when purchasing your sex machine on line.

No matter which fucking machine you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the intense pleasure that no other sex toy could possibly provide. Once you have chosen the sex machine that suits your needs, take the time to experiment with all the thrusting speeds, angles and positions offered by your machine to make sure you can get the very best enjoyment from it.

Whether you are a fetish enthusiast or not, the introduction of a sex machine into your life is sure to lead to many new and exciting pleasure experiences! Enjoy the intense pleasure as you explore your sexuality to find a whole new level of sensual satisfaction and wellbeing.

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