Buyer’s Guide To Penis Pumps

Buyer's Guide To Penis Pumps

Buyer’s Guide To Penis Pumps

With so many different penis pumps out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you, especially if you are new to the world of pumping.

This buyer’s guide describes the major types of pumping systems you can buy, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing a pump online.

From classic hand grip pumps and pistol grip pumps through to electric pumps and hydro pumps, there is a penis pump available to suit every man’s need! Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap penis pumps Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can order online and have delivered anywhere across Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post.

Pumping work by creating a vacuum chamber around the penis and drawing extra blood flow into the chambers, causing the penis to become engorged. The extra blood results in a naturally larger and often firmer erection. In addition to the obvious short term benefits of using penis pumps, regular use can lead to the blood vessels in the penis becoming enlarged, meaning that they hold more blood with every erection into the future!

A useful tool for any man experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, many men choose to pump simply to enhance their natural size, achieve even firmer erections or to enhance their pleasure experiences.

Types Of Penis Pumps

Choosing between the different types of penis pumps is much easier once you understand the benefits of each different type of pump. Men choose to pump for many different reasons and expect different results from their pumping sessions. The type of pump you finally choose will depend what you want to achieve from your pumping session. Read below to educate yourself on the types of penis pumps available, how they work and what results you can expect from each different type of penis pump. Once you understand how each pumping system works, and how this affects the results you achieve, you will feel more confident that you are making the right selection.

Hand Grip Penis Pumps

Also known as bulb style pumps or squeeze grip pumps, hand grip penis pumps work to create vacuum pressure as you squeeze the bulb or handle. By squeezing the bulb or lever, air is sucked out of the chamber to create a vacuum around the penis. All good quality hand grip pumps should feature a quick release safety valve. The safety valve is very important because if you pump beyond your comfort level you could risk damaging the blood vessels in your penis. This type of pump is usually among the cheapest options and can be a great way to experiment with pumping if you are just starting out.

Popular Hand Grip Penis Pumps

Pistol Grip Penis Pumps

The trigger grip incorporated into pistol grip penis pumps gives the user much more power than the traditional hand grip penis pump. This type of pump will allow you to achieve a stronger vacuum in a shorter amount of time, with less manual effort. The pistol grip itself is also more comfortable to use, meaning that you can pump for longer without your hand cramping up. Pistol grip pumps are generally more comfortable for the penis than the cheaper balloon pumps due to the trigger allowing for more accurate control of the desired pressure level.

Popular Pistol Grip Penis Pumps

Electric Penis Pumps

The main attraction of electric penis pumps is that you can relax and enjoy the pumping process without needing to do the physical work yourself. Simply set your desired level of pressure, push the start button and enjoy! If you are new to electric pumps, make sure you know where the quick release valve is and begin with smaller pressures until you feel confident using your pump. Some electric pumps may also feature a vibrating or tickling option to enhance the pleasure experience even further.

If value for money is what you are after, the Fare L’Amore LCD Penis Pump Kit contains everything your need including the LCD electric penis pump, 2 sleeves, 4 cock rings and a handy storage bag.

Hydro Penis Pumps

The Bathmate range of hydro pumps are designed especially for use in the shower, bath or spa. By filling the chamber with warm water, hydro penis pumps create a water vacuum that draws extra blood into the penis. Thanks to the even pressure gradient and the warmth of the water, hydro pumps have proven to provide impressive results when used on a regular basis. Compared to air based pumps, hydro pumps that immerse the penis in water are far less likely to cause tissue damage or burst blood vessels. In addition to keeping the penile tissue safe from damage during pumping, hydro pumps can help to flush the lymphatic system for improved overall penile health. Hydro penis pumps also have the added benefit of not requiring any messy lubricants during use, and being extremely easy to keep clean.

Popular Hydro Penis Pumps

Things To Consider When Buying A Penis Pump

Once you have chosen the type of penis pump that is right for you, it’s important to consider a few other factors before making your final purchase.


When looking at the cylinder length and width you require, consider the size you will require to fit comfortably inside the cylinder while fully erect, allowing extra room for growth. The results gained can vary from man to man and from pump to pump, but giving yourself an extra 5-6 cm of length should be ample. Measure yourself while erect by placing the tape measure at the base of the penis and measuring to the tip.


While silicone is possibly one of the safest and most hygienic materials available, it doesn’t have much stretch, so not many penis pumps feature a silicone sleeve. Most often, penis pumps will be made from a mixture of different materials. While the cylinder is usually made from ABS plastic, the sleeves will most likely be made from TPR or TPE. Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is considered to be safer and more hygienic than TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). What ever materials your pump is made from, try to select a pump that is free from phthalates (a plastic softening chemical that has been linked to many health problems).

Power Source

Electric penis pumps require a power source. Consider whether the pump you have chosen uses batteries, is rechargeable or requires connection to mains power. Hand grip penis pumps, trigger grip penis pumps and hydro pumps require manual effort but do not require a power source.

Trusted Brands

Do your research to find out which brands of are trusted within the industry. Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and parts and are made under hygienic conditions. Here at Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers we have done the homework for you, offering a wide range of trusted brands to suit the price point of everyone, from curious beginners through to the more experienced pumping enthusiasts.


When purchasing penis pumps online, look at the warranty terms before you make your final purchase. Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer you peace of mind by providing a minimum 12 Month Replacement Warranty for any products that are found to be faulty.


When purchasing penis pumping systems, you will get what you pay for. While you obviously need to find a pump that suits your budget, don’t let price be the deciding factor. To get the best value for money, make sure you are selecting from a range of pumps that suit your requirements and are more likely to achieve the results you desire. A more expensive pump will usually provide better results, come with a warranty and be safer to use.

Summary – Which Is The Best Penis Pump?

After reading our guide above, hopefully you have figured out which penis pump might suit you best, along with what things to look out for when purchasing pumps online.

If you want the very best results from your penis pump, then we recommend the Bathmate range of hydro penis pumps! Offering the ultimate in safety, hygiene and results, Bathmate hydro pumps combine the delicious sensation of warm water to help you get bigger, harder, longer lasting erections.

No matter what penis pump you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the pleasure that pumping can bring. Take the time to read the instructions carefully and get to know your pump as you pump your way to new heights of pleasure, sexual health and wellbeing.

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