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When you think of anal sex toys, butt plugs are probably the first thing that spring to your mind! Anal plugs can be enjoyed by men and women during solo masturbation or partnered sex. Most plugs are shaped with a tapered tip for easy insertion, a wider mid-section to provide a delicious stretch right in the perfect place, a thin neck for sphincter comfort and a flared base for perfect positioning and to stop the plug from slipping all the way inside.
Anal plugs can be left in during sex or masturbation for additional erogenous stimulation resulting in more intense climax, they can also be used during foreplay to ‘warm’ up the butt before enjoying something bigger, such as an anal probe or a penis.
Some plugs can be worn for a longer period of time for ongoing stimulation throughout the day.

Their simple design and unique stimulation makes butt plugs for sale from our online Adult store a firm favourite with beginners and veterans alike.
If you’re new to anal penetration start with smaller tapered plugs and work your way up to larger anal sex toys as you feel comfortable.

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