Vulcan Strokers & Vulcan Lubes

Vulcan, brought to you by TopCo Toyz have produced a range of strokers and stroker lubes specifically designed to enhance the male masturbation experience.

Vulcan strokers have become a favourite amongst men, partly because they’re cheap handheld masturbators, but primarily because they offer a more realistic experience when a woman is unavailable.

The range of male handheld masturbators include three options, a mouth, an ass and a vagina replica to choose from.
Many women are buying Vulcan strokers, especially the vagina option to use on their man when it’s ‘that time of the month’, with the mouth option bought by women to use during foreplay, instead of performing ‘oral’ themselves.

There are two Vulcan Stroker Glide lubes to choose from, both designed to further enhance the experience for men and make for an even more life-like experience.
The Vulcan WET Water Based Stroker Glide are long lasting, high quality water based lubricants that are safe to use on any stroker or handheld masturbator, it won’t leave any stain and leaves no residue.
The Vulcan Heat Warming Stroker Glide is the ultimate warming lubricant for men to use with Vulcan strokers that’ll give the most realistic, life like masturbation experience possible.