Tips On Using & Cleaning Handheld Male Masturbators.

A male masturbator is a sex toy for men that’s been designed to enhance masturbation by emulating the look and feel of part of a woman’s anatomy, whether it be the mouth, anus or most sought after, a vagina.
Masturbators come in a variety of sizes, canal textures and entrances.

Interestingly, many women buy their partner a male masturbator and take control, using it as a luxury version of the good-old-fashion tug-and-rub hand-job, or for those times of the month when women have a headache or when they’re just not in the mood for intercourse.
Men flying solo, especially young men like to practice their level of self-control with masturbators to avoid premature ejaculation when they’re with a woman.
Read on to learn how you can obtain the best experience possible using these sex toys for men and how to help keep it in the best condition, for many years to come.

Lube Up To Go Hard

During vaginal intercourse, the vagina when aroused, produces natural secretions to allow a penis easier entry. To simulate this, use a quality personal lubricant.
Thick, more gel-like water based lubricants are best because they’ll last longer and not damage the luxurious skin of your masturbator.
Chaffing and soreness will be the result of using a poor lube, or worse if not lubing up at all, regardless of how soft the canal feels and will be made worse during fast thrusting motions.

If you’re enjoying the experience with a partner flavoured lubricants are extremely popular, which women often favour, especially if they’re going to finish off the experience orally.
There are many available for sale, covering just about every taste preference including sweet, salty, fruity and there’s even gourmet flavours.

Hygeine Is Important

To recreate the most tru-to-life experience possible, manufacturers of handheld masturbators use quality silicone or TPE. Knowing where these sex toys for men go, and what fluids are going to cover them, before you add your personal lubricant, apply one of the antibacterial sex toy cleaners, you can also buy online. Never use alcohol-based hand sanitisers, use a cleaner made specifically for sex toys for best results and longevity.

After you’ve finished, clean the sleeve thoroughly inside and out with warm, soapy water, making sure you get right inside the canal with your fingers. Next re-apply your sex toy cleaner then towel or air dry.
Before storing away in a dry, dust free place, dusting with one of the specially designed powders will keep moisture out and protect the delicate skin of your new favourite adult pleasure product.

Note: Using toilet paper to catch your load on open ended compact masturbators will make it easy to dispose of and save that wet spot on your sheets!
Some men like to use condoms to lessen sensitivity and to prolong the time before they orgasm.