TRYST Suggested Uses

TRYST by Doc Johnson

Discover how versatile the Doc Johnson TRYST multi erogenous zone massager is with the top 12 TRYST uses. See detailed descriptions and diagrams below.

(A) Wear during intimate encounters with a partner or comfortably hold for direct stimulation.

(B) Vibrating arms of the TRYST can embrace the clitoris for a truly unique, mind-blowing experience.

(C) Insert the vibrating arms of the TRYST for exact G Spot stimulation. TRYST’S curved arms mimic a “come hither” motion to provide intense pleasure during insertion.

(D) The vibrating arms of the TRYST can clasp, caress and stimulate nipples, or any erogenous zone.

(E) TRYST can be comfortably worn as a vibrating c-ring for clitoral stimulation, testicle stimulation, or operate both vibrating zones to intensify both clitoral and testicle stimulation. The functions operate independently, providing customized sensations for each partner.

(F) The base of the TRYST can be used asĀ an ergonomic massager to stimulate intimate areas.

(G) The wider base on the TRYST can be worn on top of the shaft for clitoral massage, or below the shaft for testicle stimulation. The semi-flexible arms can hug the testicles when worn below the shaft, or touch the clitoris when worn on top of the shaft.

(H) Use solo or with a partner!

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