Buy TENGA EGGS Masturbators Australia Wide For Sale.

Understanding that different folks like different strokes, TENGA EGGS offer a series of different stimulating sensations to enhance the male masturbation experience. With the exterior design of these egg shaped masturbators reflecting the internal sensations offered by the different textured yolks, these ingenious sex toys for men are one of the most popular handheld masturbators Australian men buy.

TENGA EGGS may look small, but they are super stretchy and can fit men of all sizes.
To use, simply crack open the shell and apply the included sachet of lubricant to the inside tunnel of the egg. Hold the tip of the egg and roll over the penis just as you would a condom. Enjoy the stimulating sensations of the textured interior as you stroke, squeeze and twist your way to climactic bliss.

With six internal textures to choose from, you are sure to never get bored. From the large pleasurable ribs of the WAVY egg through to the dynamic nubs of the CLICKER, hand jobs will never seem the same. The SPIDER offers a grid-like web for a 360 degree sensation, or you might choose to mix things up with the TWISTER or the STEPPER. Comparable to being stroked with the finest of silky cloths, the SILKY egg is delicately intertwined with super fine ribs that glide as they caress the shaft.

Not only can TENGA EGGS enhance the solo masturbation process, many women also enjoy using these handheld masturbators on their men as a part of foreplay or in place of the traditional hand job.
When women buy sex toys online for their men, they will often purchase the TENGA EGGS Masturbators 6 Pack containing 1 of each of the stimulating textures.