Buy Spanking Toys & Feather Ticklers Australia Wide For Sale.

Spanking toys and feather ticklers are bondage and fetish toys that offer indulgence into the world of sensory play. Whether you enjoy light, teasing tickles or thwacks that push the pleasure and pain barrier to your outer limits, there are spankers and ticklers to suit all types of sensory play. Often teamed with other bondage accessories such as blindfolds or restraints, ticklers and spanking toys such as BDSM floggers, bondage whips and spanking paddles can be powerful tools to create an overwhelming sense of arousal and increased sexual satisfaction.

Feather ticklers tease and caress the skin to stimulate the nerve endings and enhance sensitivity. Using feather ticklers during foreplay increases sensory perception and heightens responses to touch, resulting in tingles and shivers of excitement and heightened pleasure.

Spanking toys such as spanking paddles, BDSM floggers, bondage whips and even riding crops are usually made from materials such as leather, wood, satin and faux fur for enhanced sensory play. Spanking is thought to increase arousal and enhance pleasure responses by teasing and tantalising the buttock and thigh region, along with other fleshy erogenous zones. Sometimes paired up with other bondage or fetish accessories, spanking toys can also form an effective part of foreplay without the use of other bondage play. While some people like to explore the pleasure and pain barrier, spanking doesn’t necessarily need to inflict pain to be effective. Spanking works by stimulating the nerve endings and drawing extra blood flow to the skin, making the entire area more sensitive and responsive to physical touch. If you are new to spanking, experimenting with small pats and taps is a great way to start, building up to stronger strikes as you feel comfortable.