Sensual Massage Oils, Candles & Lotions

Creams, oils, gels and sprays can be used to explore your sensuality whether you are single or a couple. From relaxing deep tissue massages and aromatic baths through to kissable lotions and potions, this range of sexual health products are designed to enhance sensuality through the pampering and stimulation of the largest organ and erogenous zone in the body – the skin!
Sensual massage oils and massage lotions can be used to help your lover unwind after a stressful day as well as putting them in the mood for even closer body contact. Candles release a romantic fragrance and offer subdued lighting while melting into a delightful pool of warm massage oil.
Body oils and body creams are great for foreplay, with many of them also doubling as a tasty treat for oral loving.

Treat yourself or your partner to a series of tactile treats with this sensational range of sensual massage oils, candles, creams, gels and sprays that you can use every day of the week, not just on ‘special occasions’.