Realistic Vibrators

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Sometimes called Realistic vibrating dildos, these vibrators are designed to deliver the same life like experience you would expect from a real penis, from the way it looks to the way it feels, with the bonus sensation of vibrations! With a representational phallic shape, these life like vibrators are often detailed with veins, glans, balls and sometimes even pubic hair. In addition to simulating real sex, the added details such as a bulbous head and bulging veins allow for more pleasure sensations during penetration.

The highest quality and best realistic vibrators are coated in a life like material that feels so much like real skin that it will even warm to your natural body temperature to even further enhance the ‘realistic’ experience. Other phallic vibrators may be realistic in feel and shape but are jazzed up in bright, glittery colours for added visual enticement.

Just like the real thing, life like vibrators come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colour. If you are a beginner it might be worth starting smaller, then upgrading to a larger size as you become more confident. Whatever size or shape you decide on, you can be sure that vibrating dildos will provide realistic sex simulation with the added benefit of extra vibrations!