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The most popular sex toys for women, vibrating rabbits offer women the opportunity for no fuss, full coverage orgasms by providing simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.
These popular vibrating dildos made famous after appearing on ‘Sex and The City’, often feature a large shaft of phallic appearance with a smaller clitoral stimulator known as the ‘rabbit’, which attaches to the front of the shaft. Many clitoral stimulators are shaped with little ‘bunny ears to cradle the Clitoris and help maintain precise and continuous stimulation.
While most women enjoy the sensation of penetration, many find it difficult to achieve climax through vaginal stimulation alone.

Rabbit vibrators allow women the enjoyment and thrill of penetration combined with the powerful clitoral stimulation they require to reach an explosive orgasm.
Both rabbit vibrator shafts and clitoral stimulators come in a range of different lengths to suit those who are new to adult sex toys as well as experienced users. When deciding on the rabbit vibrator that’s best for you, take note that the insertable length of the larger shaft is often designed for G Spot stimulation rather than deeper penetration that you might experience with a dildo.

Whether you want an effective way to orgasm quickly or you’re having trouble reaching orgasm, these ingenious sex toys for women you can buy from our sex shop online are great options that will have you jumping for joy!

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