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Designed specifically to stimulate and massage the prostate gland, full of sensitive nerve endings that can be stimulated via deep massage to the rectal wall, the P-spot is the male equivalent to the female G-spot. Offering significant health benefits and intense pleasure, prostate massage can also facilitate longer-lasting and much more powerful orgasms. Heterosexual men can use these anal sex toys in conjunction with sexual intercourse for a mind blowing climax.
If you’re playing solo, why not add one of the handheld masturbators to give your two major erogenous zones stimulation. You’ll find the orgasm stronger and more powerful than you’ve ever experienced before.

Quality prostate stimulators are curved and angled to target this spectacular erogenous zone that’s located a few inches inside the anus on the wall closest to the stomach. With a tapered head to ensure maximum stimulation, some prostate massagers also feature an external stimulator to provide extra stimulation to the perineum. Some of these anal toys also feature a vibration mode for additional stimulation and pleasure and some include a remote control.

While the general rule with anal sex toys is to start small, the reverse is true for prostate stimulators. Although larger vibrating massagers may seem more intimidating at first, their larger surface area allows the user to locate the P-spot much faster, making them ideal for beginners. While smaller vibrating massagers require more experience in order to achieve precision stimulation, but once perfected will offer the most intense and pleasant sensations. Whether heterosexual or homosexual, any man can enjoy the health benefits and pleasures associated with these anal stimulators and massagers.