Buy Nipple Stimulators & Clitoral Stimulators Australia Wide For Sale.

Nipple stimulators and clitoral stimulators are designed to deliver precise stimulation to your most sensitive erogenous zones. Using bondage and fetish accessories such as nipple clamps, nipple suckers, genital clamps and clitoral clamps can significantly heighten the sensitivity of these areas, resulting in increased arousal and intensified erotic satisfaction.

Nipple stimulators come in a range of styles to offer the choice of a gentle pinch or a deliciously strong bite, allowing the wearer to experiment with the delicate balance between pleasure and pain. Nipple clamps are a simple bondage and fetish accessory to enhance the erotic senses during solo sessions, foreplay or during intercourse. Whether you want to wear them discreetly throughout the day for your own self-pleasure or you plan to team them up with other bondage and fetish toys, adjustable nipple clamps allow beginners and experts alike to find the perfect amount of pinch. Some nipple clamps also include dangling weights or chains that jiggle and tug at the nipples for additional stimulation. Nipple suckers use suction to draw extra blood flow into the nipple to increase arousal and sensitivity.

Clitoral stimulators apply a gentle pressure to either side of the clitoris to increase prominence and sensitivity. Often fashioned into attractive jewellery, genital clamps can help to enhance pleasure during foreplay or intercourse and can even be worn during the day hours before erotic play. While clitoral clamps can be worn during play time to enhance erotic responses, they also provide increased sensitivity after removal, leaving the clitoris ultra-responsive to every touch, lick or vibration.

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