Lingerie Size Queen (Q) AU 22-26

Lingerie Size Queen (Q) AU 22-26 | Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers

First measure and write down your bust, waist and hips all in cm. Look at the range of lingerie below to see if queen will suit you. If one or more of your dimensions is larger than what’s given as a guide, you should be looking at a larger x size.

If you wear dress sizes 22-26 (AU), have cup sized D plus, with bust 104-120cm, waist measurement between 91-106cm and hips between 114-130cm, the range you see for sale online below could be right for you.
You will also find garments sized 1x,2x,3x,4x,5x for larger curvaceous women.

Find sexy lingerie size queen you’ll find for sale online across Australia.