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The brand that would become LELO first started in the front room of a townhouse in Stockholm, when three designers made the commitment to reshape the image of adult pleasure products into one of quality, refinement and luxury. Now well known for producing some of the most beautiful and innovative sex toys in the industry, LELO take pride in producing pleasure products that are entirely different from everything else on the market. Driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and refine the space where human sensations meet digital technology, this company is always searching for ways to offer their customers new exciting sensations before they even knew they wanted them.

LELO SONA cruise sonic clitoral massagers utilise sonic waves to produce deep, full coverage clitoral stimulation – bringing pleasure to every nerve ending in it’s path, not just those on the surface of the skin. Also known for their range of carefully crafted couples massagers, elevated shared sensations during love making is a key focus in addition to solo pleasures.