Le Wand Plug-In Massage Wands (Full Size) Collection

Le Wand Plug-In Massage Wands (Full Size) Collection

Classic makes a comeback! We took our award-winning OG (Full Size) wand and added the perfect retro feature to enable our power hunters. Meet the Le Wand Plug-In Vibrating Massager.

Ever had a sex toy die out during a steamy sesh? What a total buzzkill. That’s where Le Wand Plug-In rules supreme. With its extra long 8-foot cord, simply plug-in & get ready to ride continuous waves of pleasure or use it with a partner for a beyond orgasmic combo of the ultimate rumbly vibes and penetration.

The Le Wand Plug-In is designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies. Scroll down and click on the product images below to learn why the Le Wand Plug-In is the ultimate power tool of the sex toy world.

There are a number of additional head attachments available to suit your ‘Full Size’ massage wand, transforming it into an extremely powerful vibrator for women to use.
Note: When looking at accessories for your Full Size massage wand, make sure you’re not selecting products from the ‘Petite Collection’.

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