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Vibrating Kegel exercisers are ball-shaped internal vibrators designed to help improve pelvic floor strength in addition to providing sensual pleasure. Vibrating Kegel exercise balls usually come as single ball or a set of two balls connected by a pull cord for easy removal.
Once inserted into the vagina the weight of the balls cause a tightening of the pelvic floor muscles in response. The addition of vibrations causes an even stronger contraction response by the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in a more effective workout and stronger pleasure response. When pelvic floor muscles are weak, they become less sensitive to pressure, leading to reduced sensation and less chance of orgasm during intercourse for both partners.

By exercising the pelvic floor using vibrating Kegel balls, women can improve their sensitivity and tightness, leading to improved sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners. In addition to being used to improved sexual satisfaction, these sex toys can also be beneficial in the management of female continence issues.

Kegel exercisers