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Kegel Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Exercise Balls or Geisha Balls, are sex toys for women that offer discreet sexual pleasure along with a fantastic pelvic core workout, strengthening women’s PC muscle that controls urination and orgasms.

Kegel balls, contain small weighted balls that jiggle and roll with movement, creating arousing internal sensations and causing your pelvic floor to contract then relax in response, providing you with an enjoyable Kegel exercise workout.
Providing internal pleasure when worn during every day activities, Kegel balls will over time, help tone the pelvic floor muscles resulting in a tighter, more sensitive vagina for improved continence, increased sex drive and more powerful orgasms during sex.

Ben Wa Balls are generally cheaper than Kegel balls, made of steel or silicone and are used primarily for pleasure, often sold as 2 free roaming balls of the same weight, allowing for easier penetration with dildos & dongs or during intercourse.
Quality medical grade silicone Kegel balls have been designed primarily for strengthening purposes and usually feature 2 balls attached together with a pull cord for easy removal.
If you have problems with continence or loss of sex drive, especially after childbirth, buying a quality silicone weighted Kegel Balls set is recommended. Starting with a smaller weight of around 30-40g working up to 60-85g until finally performing Kegel exercises with weights around 100-110g will tighten your pelvic floor muscles.

Using Kegel Exercise Balls to strengthen loose pelvic floor muscles will take persistence, noticeable results can take several months.
The process can be sped up if you can’t, or don’t wish to wait that long by using vibrating Kegel balls.
Sometimes referred to as Kegel Exercisers, their vibrations contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles at a much faster rate and often come with a discreet remote control that can turn on and off the vibrations, as well as cycling through different vibration patterns.

No matter which set of Kegel balls you choose, the benefits of internal pleasure, a strengthened pelvic floor and improved sexual responses await.