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ID Lubricants: Personal Lubricants For Sale Online Australia Wide.

Whatever your personal lubrication needs are, ID Lubricants has a high quality lube to get you out of tight situations.
As one of the most trusted names in personal lubricants, world wide for 25 years, ID Lubes is one of the few personal lubricant manufacturers to have their lubes FDA cleared, so you have the peace of mind you’re using a quality product around your most sensitive areas! The comprehensive quality range of lubes by ID Lubricants covers not only lubes but sexual enhancers too. There’s a selection of many different water based lubricants to choose from that are condom friendly and ideal for use with silicone sex toys, silicone based lubricants, plus a great tasting range of flavoured lubricants.

ID Glide water based lubricants are well known for their superior glide and long lasting performance. Completely odor free, fragrance free and mess free, this lube is perfect for enhancing sensations and improving comfort. For pleasure on the go, the ID Jelly range of water based lubes come in a handy travel tube, and are formulated to be extra thick so it stays exactly where you put it.

ID Millennium silicone lubricants offer a long lasting glide, perfect for when you want those intimate moments to last forever and ever. Being silicone based, this range of lubes won’t dissolve in water or be as easily absorbed by the body, rendering it perfect for water play and anal play.

ID Backslide silicone lubricants are extra thick and highly concentrated for more enjoyable anal play. Containing natural muscle relaxants that improve comfort, this range of lubes allow full sensation rather than numbing the area like some other anal lubes do. The result; the very best in comfort and pleasure during anal play.

ID Pleasure lubricants provide and invigorating tingling sensation to awaken the senses while the ID Sensation range of personal lubricants releases a warming sensation to really light the fire within.

Add an explosion of tropical flavour to your next oral tryst with the ID Frutopia range of vegan, water based flavoured lubricants. If you still want premium glide with a natural burst of flavour, then the ID Juicy flavoured lubricants are sure to tickle your fancy as well as your taste buds.

When it comes to personal lubrication, you can rely on the quality and performance of ID Lubricants no matter what the occasion is.