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The simple and effective way for men to spice up their solo sessions and enjoy a more fulfilling sexual satisfaction.

Basic masturbation sleeves or handheld strokers as they are often referred to, are a simple tube or sleeve that slides over the penis, featuring ridges and nubs for extra stimulation as you stroke.
You’ll find the best quality male masturbation toys are made from life like materials and are shaped into replicas of vaginas, mouths or bottoms to offer a more realistic sex simulation experience. Some realistic male masturbators are even moulded directly from the anatomy of famous porn stars!

Whether it’s a simple sleeve or a vagina replica, the textured canals of handheld masturbators offer exquisite stimulation leading to a more satisfying experience. Extremely gratifying for solo sex, male masturbation toys are also an excellent way for couples to spice up their bedroom play.
Many women are buying masturbators to use on their man, instead of performing oral sex and for those times of the month such as Marcia Super Life Like Pussy. Joy masturbators are super realistic and represent great value for money.

The Hey 19! teen strokers are a popular choice for younger men and women with pussy and anal strokers to choose from, some also vibrate.

Take a look at the large range of vibrating handheld masturbators that include vibrating bullets strategically placed that vibrate as you stroke.
For the ultimate masturbation experience take a look at the Mr B Bluetooth Speaker Vibrating Masturbator that has 10 vibration modes, a squeezable middle and Bluetooth connectivity.
Most quality vibrating masturbators are made to look and feel exactly like a real vagina, mouth or ass but give you extra stimulation via powerful vibrations.

Small, discreet and easy to clean, apart from sexual gratification, handheld strokers are also great stamina and endurance sex toys for men who want to improve their performance in the bedroom.