Buy Dame Products Clitoral Vibrators Australia Wide For Sale.

Dame Products was founded by two women who had a strong vision to create well engineered sex toys that met the demands of the modern day women. With a strong focus on the empowerment female sexuality and the sexual satisfaction of females, women and couples will enjoy improved sexual experiences with this range of finger vibrators and clitoral vibrators.

Featuring the same unique design, Dame EVA II hands free clitoral vibrators are a new and improved version of the original EVA. Lighter and smaller for a more comfortable fit, the EVA II conforms with the female anatomy perfectly. The wings sit inside the labia to provide precision clitoral stimulation completely hands free, allowing couples to enjoy the intimacy of penetrative sex with an extra boost of fun!

By adding stimulating vibrations, Dame FIN finger vibrators transform a standard touch into an exciting and invigorating experience.

Whether it be for solo play or couples time, this range of ergonomically designed clitoral vibrators are unique, powerful and pleasing.