Curve Toys Range of Adult Sex Toys for Women & Men.

Curve Toys Range of Adult Sex Toys for Women & Men

“We take enormous satisfaction in crafting products in house from conception to production with thoughtfully designed details including hand sculpted, hand painted and hand finished creations resulting in some of the most realistic products on the market. We confidently counter product saturation with unique sizes, highly sculpted realism, and compact packaging.”

Curve Toys strive to set the highest standards and practices within the manufacturing industry, maintaining the status quo for sourcing only the purest raw material with the most revolutionary ingredients. Our attention is always focused on current developments and innovations of sustainably sourced raw material. We safely face the market with pure, uncontaminated materials, honest pricing, and respectable values.”

“Curve Toys was established as a response to changes in consumer and industry demands alike. Increases in consumer awareness on health conscious and sustainable materials that were not only good for the body but also the planet were becoming more of a requirement among adult product fans. Conscious of this new horizon of body mindfulness, Curve decided to meet those demands and established itself in 2014, in the heart of the adult industry, the San Fernando Valley.”

“Uniting a team carefully chosen from across the adult industry, Curve maintains a core group of industry veterans with decades of product development and industry sales experience. Our highly skilled experts have a heightened sense of consumer trends and market responsiveness and strive daily to empower consumers with a sex positive attitude by creating products that encourage a non-judgmental, sexually diverse environment. And as an advocate of sexual exploration being a healthy and necessary part of human experience, each collection caters to a number of interests and identities.”

Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers has chosen to stock 6 brands from Curve Toys range that provide innovation, quality and great value for money catering to both women and men.

Curve Toys | Easy Riders Dildos
Curve Toys | Mister Dildos For Women
Curve Toys | Lollicock Dildos
Curve Toys | Jock Dildos & Vibrators For Women
Curve Toys | Mistress Masturbators For Men
Curve Toys | Gossip