Climax Bursts Personal Lubricants & Sex Toy Cleaners (118mL)

Climax Bursts | Water Based Lubricants | Toy Cleaner

Water based Lubricants have come along way in recent years, with temperature play such as Cooling and Warming leading the way we play with sex toys. Topco Toyz has lead the way, with a range that just Bursts with quality ingredients and performance.
Personal lubricants enhance your experience with intercourse but more importantly when using adult pleasure products. To avoid discomfort, chaffing and soreness when using sex toys you really should lube-up! The range of high quality water based lubes are safe to use with condoms and when playing with adult toys made from Silicone.
Never use Silicone Lubricants on toys that have a Silicone component, they will eat away your toy, quite quickly.

Climax Bursts Warming Water Based Lubricant has been formulated to give a warming sensation when it comes in contact with your skin, particularly erogenous areas where there are more nerve endings close to the skin. If you’d like to increase the temperature by adding extra heat to the passion, especially during Winter, this lube is for you!

Climax Bursts Cooling Water Based Lubricant provides a cooling and refreshing sensation when in contact with your sensitive bits. With Vitamin E this water based formulae is popular during Summer when things are already hot, hot, hot!

Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Enhanced Water Based Lubricant has been laced with ingredients to really get your juices flowing. Yohimbe and Horny Goatweed, both natural aphrodisiacs, plus Vitamin E will get your engine fired up. Popular with women who have trouble with self lubrication and for women who want stronger, more powerful orgasms faster.

Climax Bursts Anal Water Based Lubricant has been developed for use with activities involving your derrière. Unlike the vagina that produces natural secretions when aroused, the anal cavity does not, so you need a thicker, less absorbing lubricant when playing with your backdoor!

Climax Bursts Water Based Sex Toy Cleaner is by far the most important product you should be using when playing with any sex toy that comes in contact with your skin.
Before using your adult pleasure products, give them a good rub with this antibacterial formulae to make sure they’re hygienically clean and safe for use in your private areas.
Once play time has finished, after washing your toys with mild, warm soapy water, apply this cleaner again, allow your products to air dry before storing away, ready for your next tryst!