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Cascade Vibrators – Self Lubricating Vibrators For Sale Online Australia Wide.

Cascade bring you the world’s first quality range of self lubricating vibrators, that all take the range of interchangeable single sheaths.
There are 3 styles to choose from, Flow is a smooth classic vibrator style, Ripple is a G-Spot vibrator and Wave has, as the name suggests a wavy shaft. All 3 styles are available to buy in pink, blue, purple or black.

All Cascade vibrators come with a cartridge of premium water based lubricant that is inserted inside the vibrator by unscrewing the coloured sheath. The centre button of the controls, at the end of the vibrator dispenses the right amount of lubricant to get you started. If more lube is required, simply press the button again! Apart from being self lubricating vibrators, this incredible range also offers another innovative benefit.

You can also buy single sheaths cheap, so if you buy a Cascade Flow Pink for example, you can buy a single Ripple sheath in any colour and simply unscrew your Flow sheath and screw on your new G-Spot Ripple sheath to create a new vibrator.

We have a huge range of cheap Cascade vibrators, single sheaths and spare lubricant cartridges for sale, but be quick because the single sheaths are very popular.

If you don’t wish to buy the lubricant cartridges and use another water based lube instead, that’s fine!
You can still enjoy your USB rechargeable Cascade Vibrator’s high quality silky smooth silicone with 3 powerful motor speeds and 3 different vibration patterns, changing the single sheaths to suit your mood.