Bucked Lubricants & Masturbation Creams

Bucked Masturbation Creams | Bucked Lubricants

Classy, yet unbound, this range of personal lubricants and creams was created for confident, sophisticated men who aren’t afraid to flirt with their dark side.
Made by men for men, these specialised water based and Silicone lubricants and creams break down barriers and encourage you to ride as hard as you want, for as long as you want, with whoever you want.
Masculine, mysterious and sexy, Bucked is the perfect combination of style and kink. Don’t hold back, mount with confidence and enjoy the ride.

Don’t hold back, Mount, Wrangle, Saddle, & Cum with confidence and enjoy the ride!

Bucked masturbation creams allow men to ride solo, and because they’re water based, you can use them with confidence with all handheld masturbators, even those made with Silicone.
Wrangler gives off a masculine leather smell when warmed up. Smokey Wrangler has an equally masculine aroma when things get hot, giving off a Smokey leather smell. Both of these two masturbation creams have been enriched with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, so not only can you take your masturbator for a ride, they make excellent massage oils, Oh, and don’t worry, neither will leave any stains on your bedsheets!

If you want to Mount safe and Ride hard, Bucked lubricants like Bucked Mount H2O Hybrid lubricant empowers both sides of every man, the powerful and the playful. Fortified with vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help soothe and protect, it’s pH balanced for added safety. Once generously applied, this slick personal lubricant enriches skin while inhibitions are released.

Bucked Stride Pure Silicone Lubricant lets you Ride with confidence and take it all in your Stride. With pure Silicone, fortified with Vitamin E to heal and soothe, passion need not be contained. Test your boundaries and ride without limits.
This premium range of silicone Bucked lubricants contain no siloxanes, parabens or preservatives, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and non-stop experience all day and all night. Get a little dark, get a little leather and let yourself go.

Bucked knows the right way to ride in a silent confidence that is mysterious and eternally sexy, while feeling rich but never in-your face. With a stable of lubes designed for those on the hunt, they’re made for those on-the-go, and makes for a better ride, no matter the style, giving men permission to go a little dark, try something a little more extreme, and a little more leather.
Intimacy can happen at any moment, especially outside the realm of where sex is expected. Bucked lubricants and masturbation creams allow men to be ready for any ride.