Buy Bondage Blindfolds & Fetish Masks For Sale Online Australia Wide.

Bondage blindfolds are one of the most common bondage accessories that couples experiment with. Wearing a blindfold during sex adds excitement, enhances anticipation and increases sensitivity for dramatically heightened sexual experiences. By obscuring the sight of one partner, both partners can benefit from increased confidence to try new things they might normally feel a little shy about. For the person wearing the blindfold, the restriction of visual senses will increase the physical response to every touch, sound and smell. The loss of vision also increases the anticipation of what might happen next to make the intimate encounter even more erotically exciting.

Fetish masks are great for couple who want to explore role play and fantasy play. It may seem a little awkward at first, but putting a mask on can provide many positive benefits in bedroom play. Whether you choose to indulge in other fetish-style dress-ups or not, wearing a mask assists the wearer to be whomever they choose and to let go of their usual inhibitions. For lovers who are usually too shy to express their true desires, the mask allows them to ‘play’ the role of a character different to their own.

Bondage blindfolds and fetish masks can be used with or without other bondage and fetish accessories such as restraints, ticklers or spanking toys. Used on their own they’re a sure fire way to add another layer of erotic interest to any bedroom encounter.