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Designed specifically for back door penetration, compared to regular dildos, probes and wands are generally slimmer in girth with a smooth tapered tip to allow more comfortable insertion into the rectum. With a slender, contoured shape for optimal erogenous stimulation, most probes and wands will feature a flared base to stop these sex toys from slipping in too far, or some may have a finger loop for easy removal.

While many anal probes are shaped to target the prostate, providing intense pleasure for men, women have erogenous zones inside and around the entrance of the anus, so can also enjoy this type of stimulation tool!

Smaller anal wands are recommended for beginners who are just starting to experiment with sex toys for the derrière. Experienced players will be likely to enjoy the extra stretch and stimulation provided by some of the larger versions or adult pleasure products that inflate, all available at discounted prices from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers adult store online.