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Get your back door squeaky clean ready for some serious anal action! Dispensing water into the rectum, which is then immediately expelled, you’re left with a lovely clean rectum that’s ready for action! In addition to eliminating mess during anal sex or penetration with anal toys, douching before any back door action can also help to alleviate any associated concerns or fears, allowing both partners to completely relax during anal play.

Anal Douches typically come as a douche bulb that’s filled up with warm water. The long probe like tip is inserted as you squeeze the bulb.
Enemas are used when deeper cleansing is desired. While douches expel water just inside the rectal cavity and may dispense up to 400mL at one time, enemas typically have a longer nozzle and dispense between 400mL to 2 Litres of water that continuously flows into and out of the anus. There are versions that attach to the shower hose or head to supply continuous flow for serious players.

Vaginal Douches are also available for sale online for women who like to keep both ends clean. If you’d like to do this and don’t have a bidet, we strongly suggest you buy two and keep each for one zone only, don’t use one for dual purposes.

Available in different sizes and shapes to suit all levels of experience and gender, they’re incredibly simple to use, even the first time. If you’re new to cleansing your derriere, we recommend you start with an anal douche before progressing to the deeper cleansing offered by a shower douche or enema kit.