Anal Beads & Anal Balls

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Created specifically for safe and direct stimulation of the anus, materials used to make a bead or ball set will vary from plastics or Silicone through to metal or even glass. They’re almost always connected via a chain or string with a ring loop end for safe and easy retrieval. Some designs use prefect cylinders while some feature a tapered tip for smoother and easier insertion.

Most anal beads start with small beads that progressively increase in size, allowing you to stop at the size you feel comfortable with. A popular application is to insert them during foreplay, sex or masturbation and then remove them at the exact point of orgasm to provide an intensified, mind-blowing climax.

Anal balls or beads are a great way for beginners to explore sex toys and penetration of the anus. Beads and balls come in variety of shapes and sizes, so if you are new to back door toys, it’s wise to start small and work your way up to a larger size when your body is familiar with rectal penetration.